A Talk Program by Beni Rani Ghale: Inspirational Women in Nepal

Himal karki, Liverpool, UK 

On 14th of August Friday, Beni Rani Ghale will be giving a talk at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) about her life as a health worker, her Beni Handicraft, working for woman empowerment and also her current earth quake relief program.

Beni Rani Ghale was born in Dhading district. She dropped out from school and started support her family. Beni was forced to get married at the age of 12; a situation she found traumatic on reaching 13 she worked as a porter for some tourist, where she knew the importance of being educated.

There were so many ups and downs on Beni’s life, despite many obstacles; she found every opportunity to gain education, sneaking to classes whenever possible. During her teenage period she got chance to work with Himalayan Health Care Organisation, where she knew about health problems and its consequences in rural Nepal. This inspired her to work for the betterment of the society.

Few years ago, Beni, along with few other women from her district, started to produce a recyclable version of their traditional grass baskets and sold them locally and across the world. This has created an income generation opportunities for more than 300 women in her district.

She maintains that the problems like gender violence, sex trafficking, child marriage, women health, girl child school dropouts, could be fixed at some extent by raising the awareness about the importance education and, also by involving women in income generation activities. This inspired her to run an organisation “Beni Handicraft”.

The main aim of Beni Handicraft is to provide work and income to women in need, where Beni herself leads this group, which involve mainly women, who have had to migrated Kathmandu in search of work, or for education for their children.

To know more about Beni Rani Ghale and her work in Nepal and to buy the Beni Handicraft products come to the Sociology Action Seminar organised by sociology at LJMU. For more detail please contact Dr. Kay Standing, Dr. Sara Parker.

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